Friday, January 24, 2014

#53 Atlas 5 Rocket Launch

One of the things we wanted to do while here in Florida was to view a NASA rocket launch.  Ronnie had been monitoring the Internet site Space Coast Launches so we knew one was planned for January 23, 2014.  We had been keeping our eye on the weather, it was predicted to be clear with light winds yesterday so he felt the rocket would go off at the scheduled time.  Great, let's go to Cape Canaveral and search for a viewing spot. 
First we visited the Cape Canaveral Chamber of Commerce where we picked up a map and chatted with their receptionist.  She provided some good suggestions for dinner and some viewing areas.  Of course we stopped by Cocoa Beach and the famous Cocoa Beach Pier where we saw shore birds and some surfers.   (No, we didn't see Jeannie, Major Nelson or Major Healey ha!)

Ron felt the best viewing areas for this particular rocket would be in the Titusville area so we drove over there.  He was right, we found a fantastic park right on the water.  We got a bite to eat then drove back to the park where we found several people already there waiting for the launch. Wow, this was around 5:30 and for a 9:00pm launch. 
The building on the horizon is the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.
  As the evening wore on, the park really began to fill up with people.  Finally around 9:33pm, lift off.  Not a good photo here with my digital camera but I was amazed with the sight.. especially with the light reflecting on the water and the roar of those booster engines.

We were impressed with our first NASA rocket and glad we made the trip.  Now Ron wants to see a Delta IV (Heavy) go up.  For a clearer picture and some video of last night's Atlas 5 launch visit



  1. I think it's amazing that the Wright brothers first flight was only a little more than a hundred years ago. Remarkable how far we have come and how much me take for granted.

  2. Awesome! Glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful sight :)