Friday, March 29, 2013

# 22 It's A Good Feeling......

.........when you get on the scales and you find out you weigh a lot less than you thought.

We stopped by a moving company in Jacksonville to have the motorhome weighed.  The results were very good.  Our weight, with a full tank of diesel, one third tank of water and all of our possessions, was around 4 thousand pounds less than what the MH is rated to carry.

Ron said I could now pick up a few rocks for souvenirs as we travel.

# 23 Coats, North Carolina

We are "mooch-docking" at my Mom's home for the next few days.  (Mooch-docking is when you camp somewhere other than a campground, {usually a family or friend's yard or property}  they let you use their water and electricity.)  We are really enjoying our visit.  We're doing a lot of shopping, running errands and getting in visits with my brother and his kids too.  My cousin Martha even stopped by and we got to see her.  Ron is completing several errands and getting in a visit with his Mom as well. 

Little Boy has been getting along just fine.  In appears he adjusted well to the full-time RV'er lifestyle.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

# 21 SOLD

Ron sold his truck yesterday.  A farmer from Missouri flew out here yesterday morning and purchased our 2006 Dodge SLT TRX4 Dually.  He drove it back to the Branson area after the paper work was signed.  He was as excited to buy it as we were to sell it.  We enjoyed that truck and it towed our fifth wheel very well.  Next: The 2004 32 ft Carriage Compass fifth wheel. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

# 20 Rally Conclusion

Today everyone left from the rally but us.  We decided to stay tonight so I could watch a basketball game on TV this afternoon.  I didn't want to be on the road trying to listen to it on the radio and they are my favorite team.  We have a nice cement pad, cable TV and we're retired, we can do what ever we like.

We enjoyed meeting all of the members participating in this March Rally of the Coastal Tarheels.  We had a wonderful meal together last night at one of the local restaurants and one last gathering this morning for breakfast and conclusion.  The support the group provides each other is obvious, amazing and inspiring. For example, there was one coach here with a couple of issues and several of the members worked together to correct the problem.  We are looking forward to getting to know the members of this knowledgeable group.

Friday, March 1, 2013

# 19 Good Times

Ron and I enjoyed meeting several members of the Coastal Tarheels last night at the Early Bird arrival dinner.  They are a knowledgeable group and we loved hearing many stories of travel experiences.

Rally participants enjoyed a delicious dinner tonight, cranberry chicken with "crunchy cole slaw".  Ron proclaimed the slaw was the best he had ever had.  I sought out the recipe and I think I can handle it.  We understand there are 26 coaches here for this month's Rally.

You can see Ron in between the two people in the foreground.

We went to Camping World today and bought 2 collapsible director's chairs.  We also rode down Ocean Drive in Myrtle Beach.  Ron and I share a lot of memories of "The Grand Strand" from 36 years ago. 

Tomorrow the Rally hosts a breakfast and a seafood dinner at one of the local restaurants.