Tuesday, May 28, 2013

# 33 A Beautiful Day on the Water

Ron and I arrived at Page Place RV Park in Cedar Point last Friday.  We have leased our RV pad here for the next year.  This will give us ample time to get acquainted with our MH and our new lifestyle.  We do enjoy this area and are looking forward to spending more time here.

We received a comment a few days ago from some friends of ours that are also full-time RVer's.  Rick and Gail of the Gypsy Turtles blog wrote that they would be in the Cedar Point area too.  I contacted her right away and we worked out some opportunities for us to get together.  Ronnie and I invited them for a boat ride today and it couldn't have been better.  The weather was comfortable, the sun shining and the wind was pretty calm.
I mentioned to Ron he was being followed by the Coast Guard. 

We put in at the Cedar Point Wildlife Boat Ramp and headed towards Sneads Ferry.  We have traveled the Intercoastal Waterway in this direction several times, enjoying the peace and quiet of the water.


 The Coast Guard boat past by us.  I am always impressed by them and the courage they possess.   Their boat looks almost indestructible.

We took each others picture before we really got to moving.  I knew I wouldn't remember once we got going.

Today's water was especially calm which made for a nice trip. There were not many other boats on the water since the crowds of the holiday weekend had all gone home.  We took Rick and Gail to the River View Restaurant in Sneads Ferry.  We enjoyed a nice seafood lunch and had an enjoyable ride back to Cedar Point.

It was hilarious...we knew we would be putting each others photo in our blogs!

Near the inlet at Topsail we saw a large group of dolphin playing in the water.  We didn't take any photos of them, it just seemed good to enjoy the moment.  It was a beautiful day on the water, sun, fun, good food and relaxing with friends.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

# 32 A Big Circle

We're camping at the Indian Heritage Campground in Martinsville, Virginia today. It was 6 months and 2 days ago that we were here getting acquainted with our "new" home.  Ron commented that we had just made one big circle, leaving here 6 months ago and now arriving back.  We went out to dinner tonight with the couple from which we purchased the MH and we enjoyed catching up with them from the past 6 months.  They were excited to see the changes we made to the MH and to hear our stories from our travels of the past 2 months.

Many of the blogs I follow, especially those that are full-time RVing, usually write at some point an assessment about their new lifestyle choice.  It's only been such a short time period for us, but so far we can say that we have enjoyed our new lifestyle and our motor home.  We feel that once we get on the road full-time, we will really begin to appreciate our new found freedom to travel.  There is a lot to learn about this motorhome and full-time RVing.  It seems we discover something new everyday and that only adds to the adventure.

We plan to go back to Coats, NC for the first part of the week, then back to Cedar Point for the summer.  We still need to try to catch that "door-mat" flounder.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

# 31 Savannah, Georgia

We are camping at Savannah Oaks RV Park right off I95 for the night.  I have to say, for an RV park just off the interstate, I was not expecting it to be so pretty.  We are camped under some beautiful old oaks, draped with Spanish moss.

I cooked some dinner and then Ronnie and I walked down to the boardwalk area.  The lady who parked us in our site said that there was a boardwalk down by the river.  I could see the benches from our MH so I knew it wasn't far.  When we got down there, we were pleasantly surprised....it was a swamp.  Ronnie has always loved swamps and we just enjoyed sitting there enjoying the quiet and watching the turtles, squirrels and bubbles coming up from the bottom. 

The mosquitoes weren't bad like we thought they might be but the gnats were out and they eventually drove us back to the coach.  This ended up being a peaceful stop and just think...it's only 2.6 miles off I95.  This place reminds me of one of the reasons why Ronnie and I always enjoyed our summer camping trips from the past..our unexpected campground discoveries.

# 30 Remodeling, Repairs and Maintenance Complete...

After 18 days of camping at Alliance Coach, we are finally leaving.   We have completed our list of items we wanted to accomplish.  It took awhile and it wasn't cheap but we are very happy with the results.  Ronnie feels real good about the maintenance issues he wanted and we had a few necessary repairs that had to be done as well.  Our main goal was the TV cabinet remodel and that was a complete success.
This is the "before" picture.

We think master carpenter "Charlie" did an excellent job..  
  I had one item on my wish list and that was a new floor in the living area.  It just happen to work out that I even got that too.

Not the best photo, but it gives you an idea. 
 We met several interesting couples while we were here too.  Our camphosts were from Kinston, NC.  One couple we met was from Buies Creek, NC.  Two other couples we met were from Rocky Mount, NC.  I even met a couple from Florida and she and I worked on our blogs together. They had a big cat named Peanut that weighed 21 pounds!  Three other couples I met were full-timing couples and they had lived in their motorhomes for 10 years or more.  A few of the people we met had lost their spouses yet were continuing their travels.  I learned a lot from the people I had conversations, weather it was about motorhome issues, full-timing or just about any other topic you could imagine.  I was amazing to me to see all walks of life come through the lounge area and we all had something in common...our coaches were in that back warehouse being serviced.  Misery loves company I guess.....

We plan to go back to Coats, NC to see my Mom for a night or two and then drive on to Christiansburg, VA to visit with Ronnie's Mom, his sister and brother-in-law.