Friday, March 20, 2015

Someone back home is saying "Now why don't she write?"

That's because Eas-on Down The Road has been busy with all sorts of projects.  We are doing well, have enjoyed the very short Florida spring and now experiencing a little bit of Florida summer.  We have not spent our time here this season exploring the Florida landscape like we did last winter.  Instead we have focused our time on some repair issues, a couple of big replacement projects and a few smaller remodeling jobs..well that turned into more than we expected. 

Here is a "short" list of the items we have accomplished.  Some of these projects we knew we wanted to do before we arrived and some got put on our list when got to Deer Creek.

We knew we had an issue with the controller on our AquaHot system.  This is a type of small boiler system that provides us with floor level heat and constant hot water.  Ronnie was able to troubleshoot the problem, order a new controller and he got it back up running.  He also fixed a leak in the antifreeze tubing of that system.  He's yet to complete it's annual maintenance schedule due to all of the other issues but he plans to get it done.

Ronnie removed the AquaHot muffler (it had rusted through badly) and replaced it with a new one he had made at a great muffler shop in Haines City.

We ordered and installed new MCD shades for all our windows.  We also searched and found new fabric for the window valences.  Having new window treatments along with the new shades refreshed our interior.

After much research and thought, we decided to remove the original cooling unit on our RV refrigerator.  We selected the Amish Cooling Unit for it's replacement. It is known to be a higher quality unit that provides more constant temperatures.  This was a bigger project than what we could do ourselves so we hired this job out!  The ice cream is now rock solid and there are no warm spots in the refrigerator.

Smaller projects include new windshield wipers, radio and CB antennas, the addition of an outdoor motion detector light and a dash cover for protection from Little Boy's claws.

We also had the fabric on our slide toppers/window awnings replaced.  The fabric on the patio awning and small bedroom windows is still in good shape.  We selected the quality Stone Vos fabric and Register RV in Brooksville did the install.

There are still a few more projects Ronnie would like to complete before we leave Deer Creek RV Park at the end of April.  Even though we have been very focused on these projects we have taken time out to visit the clubhouse pool and enjoy some meals out to our favorite pizza place, Floridino's.  We have gotten to know some of the other North Carolina RVers here in Deer Creek and enjoyed visiting with them too.

It seems Little Boy has had the most excitement of all.  He had a close call with a coral snake one evening that thankfully ended with he and the snake parting ways with no injuries to either party.  He has also discovered the bottle brush trees on the property.

More Later.