Saturday, August 10, 2013

# 34 Miscellaneous Notes

  We are still located at Page Place RV Park in Cedar Point, NC.  I haven't posted to the blog lately because we have not traveled anywhere in the past 2 months.  My reason for having a blog is for recording our until we begin moving,  posts will be short and limited.  However, we are doing fine...including Little Boy.

We have been staying busy with small projects as we continue to enjoy our motor home.  Ron has completed a few maintenance items.  He replaced the air conditioner shrouds, repaired a small water leak near the front windshield and washed and waxed the roof.

I passed the written part of the NC non-CDL Class B driver's license test.  I was issued a learner's permit that expires in 18 months.   This permit allows me to drive the motor home under the supervision of another NC Class B driver's license holder.  Our plans are for me to practice driving the motorhome in a BIGGG, empty parking lot first.  I don't know if I'll get my NC Class B license, I've got a lot of practice to do before I can even attempt to take the driving part of the Class B test.

We have been fishing and we've had some success.  Ronnie caught 2 regulation-size flounder and they made a delicious dinner for us one night.
The water was very calm..northeast winds 5-10 mph.

This flounder was 16 inches.
We baked the flounder fillets in lemon juice, a bit of butter and Old Bay Seasoning.

One time Ronnie said he had a "big" fish on his hook.  He pulled and pulled on his rod and reel.  I got the camera out all ready and excited.... this is what he caught!

Ron said he really thought he had a big fish...not.

This is the Bell Buoy (Sea Buoy) that marks the entrance/exit to Bogue Inlet from the ocean.  It is obviously very calm or we would NOT be here.

This is the fishing charter boat "Nancy Lee V".  It leaves out of Cedar Point.

Our fifth wheel remains on consignment at Dwight Dickens Auto in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

2004 Carriage Compass, 32 ft.  2 slides, new awning


That's all for now.  I'll post again when we "Eas-on Down the Road"...