Sunday, March 30, 2014

#57 like a lamb, out like a lamb.

March has been a quiet month for us here at Deer Creek RV Park.  We have enjoyed some warm weather and good times with RVing friends.  We have also taken a few day trips and had some interesting and there.

We have enjoyed the heated pool and hot tub here at Deer Creek.

We met Rick and Gail of The Gypsy Turtles for some delicious strawberry shortcake and milkshakes.  I forgot to take photos that day but you can see a recap on their blog of our afternoon together.

We have enjoyed getting to know our new RVing friends Debbie and Larry.  They have been here at Deer Creek since the first of January as well.  They are from Ohio and we discovered that we have quite a bit in common.
Here, we visited the Polynesian Resort in Disney World.

We took a day trip down to Lake Okeechobee.  Yes, we drove around the "whole thing".
This lake is HUGE.  It reminded us of looking out over an ocean.

We also enjoyed spending the day in Winter Park.  It's a beautiful town.  We attended the 55th Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.  Now..I really enjoyed that trip.
In the park where the festival was held, there was a beautiful rose garden.  It was full of flowers.

We took a few trips to the Two Henry's Brewing Company in Plant City.

We went back to Winter Haven's Monthly Food Truck Rally.  We also enjoyed Haines City's Spring Break Food Truck Wars with Debbie and Larry. 

We also participated in one of the RV park socials.  This particular event was called "Omelet-in-a-bag".  Beaten eggs and your choice of ingredients are placed in a zip lock bag then boiled for about 15 minutes.   This created an interesting breakfast dish.

One trip I wanted to make was a visit to The Orlando Museum of Art.  It just so happened the museum had a special exhibit of Renaissance paintings from Europe.  We were able to view art by Rembrandt, Gainsborough and other notable artists of that period.  No photographs were allowed in the galleries.  This museum has a wonderful collection yet some of the paintings usually on display, that I wanted to see, were not on exhibit this time.  That means I have to go back...

The weather here has been pleasantly warm and sunny most days.  Many afternoons we sit out with Little Boy in the shade of the motorhome and watch him practice his lizard-catching skills.  He even made a "jail break" the other morning.  Ron was able to corral him before he got too far away and thankfully he decided to go back into the motorhome on his own.  That's good..we're glad he seems to know his home.

In fact, we have enjoyed it so much here we have decided to stay through part of April. After that..stay tuned.