Thursday, February 28, 2013

#18 We're Here!

We left this morning from Page Place RV Park  headed to Daddy Joe's Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in Tabor City, NC.  Our friends, Ron and Barbara, traveled in their MH behind us to pick up any parts that might have fallen off.  :+)  

We're participating in the Coastal TarHeels March Rally.  Ron and Barbara are members and suggested that we might like to join the group.  We think it's a great opportunity to meet other RVer's and gather lots of information.  We have parked the MH and have full hookups.  We're parked in "quads", 4 motorhomes together in a square.

 Tonight is the "early bird arrivals"... hot dogs with all the trimmings.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

# 17 A Goal Accomplished

When we decided to work towards the goal of becoming full-time RVer's, one of Ron's requests was to be as legal as possible with his driver's license requirements for a motorhome.  Our MH weighs over 26,000 pounds which NC requires that the operator have a Class B driver's license.  Today, Ron achieved his goal.  He passed the written exam yesterday and today he passed the driving part of the exam. He is relieved it's over and feels so much more relaxed now while driving the MH.   The examiner also told us that I could take and pass the written part of the Class B test and they would issue me a learner's learn and practice driving the MH under Ron's supervision.  We'll see........

 Now that Ron is legal to drive this MH, we feel more like traveling.  We are members of FMCA and hope to join their local Chapter "Coastal Tarheels" camping group.  They have rallies the first weekend of each month. We decided to participate in the one scheduled for next weekend with some friends here from Page Place RV Park and Cape Carteret.  We are very excited and anxious to experience our first camping rally. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

#16 Our First Trip

We've been here at Page Place RV Park since December 1, 2012.  We have not moved the motorhome since we landed.  Well, we have finally taken our first the gas station.

Our diesel fuel gauge was reading one fourth full and the aqua-hot system will not run when it gets to that level.  We enjoy the aqua-hot heat system for continuous hot water as well, therefore we needed to fill up the gas tank.

Next week will also be our three month anniversary as full-time RVer's.  We have stayed busy even though we have stayed in place.  I have always heard newly retired people say "How did we have time to get anything done when we were working?" and now I understand what they were talking about.  Ron has worked almost everyday on cleaning, waxing and polishing something.  The first items he cleaned, waxed and polished were the fifth wheel and truck.  They are now at Dwight Dickens Auto Sales in Fuquay-Varina, on consignment.

Once they were complete, he began to clean, wax and polish the MH.  He has finished it for the most part, but there are a few things left on the MH that he still would like to clean, wax and polish.

We really like living in the motorhome.  I find cleaning the interior quick, cooking meals has been an easy adjustment and having the washer/dryer combo in the MH has made laundry time rather simple.  Little Boy really likes lounging on the dash and looking out the large windshield. I also placed a bird feeder out the back bedroom window, he loves watching the birds.  I take him out for walks on his leash and he is so funny to watch as he rolls in the grass.  Now that the truck and fifth wheel are off-site, Ron is beginning to slow down his daily pace and enjoy his retirement.  I walk every morning with a friend from the park and Ron and I also enjoy riding our bicycles to the Croatan National Forest Campground.  The Cedar Point Tideland Trail is one of our favorites places to ride too.

Ron will need to get his Class B driver's license since this MH is so heavy. He hopes to do that soon. He plans to do a routine maintenance service on the aqua-hot system.  We also have a small boat that we haven't sold.  We have several items we would like to purchase for the MH as well as some interior updating (flat screen TVs need to be added as well as the satellite system figured out).  We feel all these goals will be easier to achieve if we are in a familiar place for a period of other words we are just not ready to give up our wonderful lot here at Page Place RV Park.  We have decided to stay here another year and take trips out with the MH while we continue to adjust to our new lifestyle, learn the motorhome's operating systems and get our needed items to make full-time living on the road more enjoyable.  We are ready to begin our travels but rather than rush a good process, we'll take our time and enjoy living here too.

I will post an update on the blog when the truck and fifth wheel are sold..or we take our first "real camping trip" out..which ever happens first.