Monday, June 19, 2017

Lastly, Valdez Vistas.. Part 4

Who ever named this boat understands why "sunny daze" in Valdez are so prized.  Clear blue skies here illuminate snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and glacier fed rivers. Contrast these colors with the blue waters of the ocean sound and the deep evergreen fir trees, why you have the makings of an artist's painting. 

Traveling down a side dirt road to see the Valdez Glacier, we came upon a junk yard that only Fred Sanford (1970's TV show: Sanford & Son) would appreciate. 
Ronnie's "eagle eye" saw this unusual snowmobile.

A view of
Here the river of glacier water and silt flows towards the ocean sound.

A view of Robe Lake.

We drove by the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery several times on our drive out to Alison Point.  There seemed to be a lot of construction there but on this past drive, we noticed tourists there so we pulled in to explore.  No salmon to see yet but we could stroll around the fish ladders and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains and the Port of Valdez.

Across from the Hatchery is the scenic Solomon Gulch.  This cascading waterfall originates from a dammed lake high above the canyon.  There is a nice hike to the lake (John Hunter Memorial Trail) but there is the risk of bears, you know.

One hike we felt fairly safe on was the Overlook Trail, located in downtown Valdez.  Yes, bears have been seen in the parking lot but none there this day.  Here is one final view of the town of Valdez from the lookout platform.

More Later as we "Eas-on Down The Road" to the Kenai Peninsula and Homer, Alaska.

Vistas of Valdez, Part 1

Here's way too many final photographs of our memorable time in Valdez.  Our month stay has been filled with scenery beyond compare, moments of serendipity, new friends, delicious halibut dinners from our grill and some unforgettable drives in the Jeep.  There is a reason why Bayside RV Park is highly rated (actually No.1) on TripAdvisor, we really enjoyed this campground.  Thankfully we had no unexpected bear encounters while visiting this area since we were a little too early for the salmon run.  But, unfortunately we were here a little too early for the salmon run.  Maybe next time. 

One last photo from the motorhome's windshield of Bayside RV Park's famous eagle feedings.

And the view from our RV site at 10:00pm on June 18th, almost the summer solstice.  Sunset today (the 19th) 11:29pm, last light is 1:14am.  Sunrise is 4:06am with first light at 2:19am.  Valdez is seeing only 65 minutes of darkness now.

A short hike down Shoup Bay Trail to a quiet beach on Port of Valdez.

We also discovered a wildflower field of tall mountain shooting stars.

To give perspective, that's me walking down a portion of the trail. The white streaks seen on the mountain side are waterfalls.

What a bonus, a field of chocolate lilies too!
We also took a second short hike out to another beach area in Valdez but the walking trail had no name, just info signage warning about possible bear activity.

More my next blog post.

Vistas of Valdez, Part 2

Now, not all of our days here have been clear with sunny skies.  In fact, the majority of our stay we experienced mostly cloudy skies with fog or low clouds with a few sunny breaks and cool temperatures (50's) with light drizzle.

Watching this "smallish" crab boat was interesting.  Some of the crew were new to the job

Strolls along this working boat harbor enlightened us with all sorts of visual details.  Here, I saw this boat crew liked collecting other treasures from the sea.

And we also caught a glimpse of a fishing boat being moved from hard storage to the that's how they do it.
The gentleman with the bright orange hard hat is operating the "Travelift" with remote controls.

There are multiple fish cleaning stations like this one on the Valdez harbor front.

A couple of art galleries on the Valdez harbor front.

The salmon viewing platform along the Valdez bike/walking trail.
 Beachhead iris

Humm..not sure the name of this wildflower seen outside the  US Forestry Service Crooked Creek Info Building.
Close up view of a chocolate lily.
Alpine Forget-me-nots, the Alaska state flower.
Nootka lupine
Robe Lake on a cloudy day.
Bogbean, an aquatic wildflower

More blog post part 3.