Monday, June 19, 2017

Vistas of Valdez, Part 1

Here's way too many final photographs of our memorable time in Valdez.  Our month stay has been filled with scenery beyond compare, moments of serendipity, new friends, delicious halibut dinners from our grill and some unforgettable drives in the Jeep.  There is a reason why Bayside RV Park is highly rated (actually No.1) on TripAdvisor, we really enjoyed this campground.  Thankfully we had no unexpected bear encounters while visiting this area since we were a little too early for the salmon run.  But, unfortunately we were here a little too early for the salmon run.  Maybe next time. 

One last photo from the motorhome's windshield of Bayside RV Park's famous eagle feedings.

And the view from our RV site at 10:00pm on June 18th, almost the summer solstice.  Sunset today (the 19th) 11:29pm, last light is 1:14am.  Sunrise is 4:06am with first light at 2:19am.  Valdez is seeing only 65 minutes of darkness now.

A short hike down Shoup Bay Trail to a quiet beach on Port of Valdez.

We also discovered a wildflower field of tall mountain shooting stars.

To give perspective, that's me walking down a portion of the trail. The white streaks seen on the mountain side are waterfalls.

What a bonus, a field of chocolate lilies too!
We also took a second short hike out to another beach area in Valdez but the walking trail had no name, just info signage warning about possible bear activity.

More my next blog post.

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