Monday, June 19, 2017

Vistas of Valdez, Part 2

Now, not all of our days here have been clear with sunny skies.  In fact, the majority of our stay we experienced mostly cloudy skies with fog or low clouds with a few sunny breaks and cool temperatures (50's) with light drizzle.

Watching this "smallish" crab boat was interesting.  Some of the crew were new to the job

Strolls along this working boat harbor enlightened us with all sorts of visual details.  Here, I saw this boat crew liked collecting other treasures from the sea.

And we also caught a glimpse of a fishing boat being moved from hard storage to the that's how they do it.
The gentleman with the bright orange hard hat is operating the "Travelift" with remote controls.

There are multiple fish cleaning stations like this one on the Valdez harbor front.

A couple of art galleries on the Valdez harbor front.

The salmon viewing platform along the Valdez bike/walking trail.
 Beachhead iris

Humm..not sure the name of this wildflower seen outside the  US Forestry Service Crooked Creek Info Building.
Close up view of a chocolate lily.
Alpine Forget-me-nots, the Alaska state flower.
Nootka lupine
Robe Lake on a cloudy day.
Bogbean, an aquatic wildflower

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