Thursday, April 27, 2017

Finally A Photo Blog Post

Here's an update of what Ron and I have been up to over the past 5 months..what?, it's been 5 months since I've written a blog??  Let me check....yes, it HAS been that long!  Well, when I decided to write the blog about our travels, it was meant to be just that, a photo blog of our travels.  I didn't really want the blog to be a daily diary but just a place to put photographs of our travels so our family and friends would know what we were seeing and enjoying in our full-time RVing lifestyle.  We have been fairly stationary these past several months therefore we haven't done a lot of exploring or traveling to new destinations.  With that in mind, I'll bring any readers out there up to date with what we have been up to over the past several months.

Ron and I spent the month of December with my Mom in Coats, NC.  Yearly medical and dental appointments seem to take up a lot of time considering we try to schedule them all during that 3 week period just before Christmas.  We all enjoyed a great holiday season together with one of the many highlights of the season being a trip to Chapel Hill to see the UNC-Monmouth basketball game.  My brother John was able to get enough tickets for us all to attend. We had a wonderful time and the Heels won!

Memorable family times at the UNC Basketball Museum
Wow, we got our picture with Eric Montross
Exciting times watching, at that time, the future 2017 National NCAA Basketball Champions!
The first of January, we made our way south to Florida and our usual RV park, Deer Creek RV Golf Resort in Davenport.  We were located in a different RV lot this season which made our stay have a whole different appeal.   We plan to be back at Deer Creek next winter in an even different RV lot so we will see how that works out.  Ron and I enjoyed lots of good times and happy hours with friends while loving the mild temperatures.  And of course, I wouldn't remember to get photos of all of our special times..especially missing those with our friends in Mount Dora (wink, Esta&Joel) and visiting with friends from Iowa (wink, John&Sue).  Those three months went by fast.

Special times meeting up with our California friends
Yummy, delicious strawberry times with Florida friends
Fun times eating out with more special Florida friends
..and eating out again with more Florida/Deer Creek friends
Our Florida time is yearly maintenance time
Little Boy loving his nap time.
The month of April brought us back to NC and more "mooch-docking" in my Mom's yard.  We completed a few more medical/dental appointments, hopefully they'll hold us over until we return back here to NC in December.  Mom and I picked strawberries, we went shopping, we celebrated UNC's National Basketball Championship and as always we enjoyed a really nice visit with Mom and my family.
The highlight of this Florida 2017 winter!!
Fantastic strawberries from North Carolina (Langdon Farms)

Next:  Our future plans are to soon Eas-on Down The Road... back west.

More Later.