Thursday, May 9, 2013

# 31 Savannah, Georgia

We are camping at Savannah Oaks RV Park right off I95 for the night.  I have to say, for an RV park just off the interstate, I was not expecting it to be so pretty.  We are camped under some beautiful old oaks, draped with Spanish moss.

I cooked some dinner and then Ronnie and I walked down to the boardwalk area.  The lady who parked us in our site said that there was a boardwalk down by the river.  I could see the benches from our MH so I knew it wasn't far.  When we got down there, we were pleasantly was a swamp.  Ronnie has always loved swamps and we just enjoyed sitting there enjoying the quiet and watching the turtles, squirrels and bubbles coming up from the bottom. 

The mosquitoes weren't bad like we thought they might be but the gnats were out and they eventually drove us back to the coach.  This ended up being a peaceful stop and just's only 2.6 miles off I95.  This place reminds me of one of the reasons why Ronnie and I always enjoyed our summer camping trips from the past..our unexpected campground discoveries.


  1. I love unexpected finds like that.

  2. We just might have to check it out some time. Hate the gnats.

  3. Sounds like the perfect place! Safe travels and hope to see you soon back at Page Place!