Friday, March 29, 2013

# 23 Coats, North Carolina

We are "mooch-docking" at my Mom's home for the next few days.  (Mooch-docking is when you camp somewhere other than a campground, {usually a family or friend's yard or property}  they let you use their water and electricity.)  We are really enjoying our visit.  We're doing a lot of shopping, running errands and getting in visits with my brother and his kids too.  My cousin Martha even stopped by and we got to see her.  Ron is completing several errands and getting in a visit with his Mom as well. 

Little Boy has been getting along just fine.  In appears he adjusted well to the full-time RV'er lifestyle.


  1. It's nice for everyone when you have your own space while visiting family. Certainly does look like rving agrees with your beautiful kitty.

  2. Little Boy is striking a pose that we quite often see one of our cats do. So funny!

  3. Willow Tree is one of our very favorite camgprounds! Have fun in Charleston and everything was great today when I left Page Place. Back to work tomorrow! Just can't wait until we can be like you guys! Safe travels. Herman and Sharon