Friday, March 29, 2013

# 22 It's A Good Feeling......

.........when you get on the scales and you find out you weigh a lot less than you thought.

We stopped by a moving company in Jacksonville to have the motorhome weighed.  The results were very good.  Our weight, with a full tank of diesel, one third tank of water and all of our possessions, was around 4 thousand pounds less than what the MH is rated to carry.

Ron said I could now pick up a few rocks for souvenirs as we travel.


  1. Is this from the "Long, long trailer" movie? The rock thing cracks me up :)
    Good job on keeping your weight down. I wish we were that good but we don't have that tag axle...makes a huge difference :)

    1. Yes, that has always been a joke between me and Ron. In our past travels, I would bring home rocks as souvenirs. When we saw the movie, "The Long, Long Trailer", we thought it was the funnest thing.

  2. It's wonderful when the rig scales are low. . . as well as the human scales. LOL!