Friday, March 1, 2013

# 19 Good Times

Ron and I enjoyed meeting several members of the Coastal Tarheels last night at the Early Bird arrival dinner.  They are a knowledgeable group and we loved hearing many stories of travel experiences.

Rally participants enjoyed a delicious dinner tonight, cranberry chicken with "crunchy cole slaw".  Ron proclaimed the slaw was the best he had ever had.  I sought out the recipe and I think I can handle it.  We understand there are 26 coaches here for this month's Rally.

You can see Ron in between the two people in the foreground.

We went to Camping World today and bought 2 collapsible director's chairs.  We also rode down Ocean Drive in Myrtle Beach.  Ron and I share a lot of memories of "The Grand Strand" from 36 years ago. 

Tomorrow the Rally hosts a breakfast and a seafood dinner at one of the local restaurants.


  1. You do need to share that crunchy cole slaw recipe you know :)

  2. A gathering of rvers guarantees good times and good food! Enjoy!