Thursday, February 6, 2014

#54 The Parkesdale Strawberry Shortcake

We needed to take a drive today to test the new back breaks on the Jeep.  On Sunday Ronnie noticed a burning odor coming from the rear of our Jeep Liberty.  He took it to the Jeep dealership here in the area and they found the calipers needed replacing along with the rear rotors and pads.  They too had gotten so hot they all had warped and were damaged.  We wanted to visit Zephyerhills and Plant City so off we went to explore a bit and test out the Jeep's new back breaks.  We had not really researched the areas so we just enjoyed the Florida landscape as Ronnie drove on.  Once we got to Plant City, we saw acres and acres of strawberry fields.  Then I remembered that this area had a famous strawberry shortcake served somewhere.. so I "googled" it on my cell phone and found Parkesdale Groves .  We were only 2 miles from there.  Yes, we can do that.

The parking lot was full..we knew we must be at the right place.

Ronnie got the fresh strawberry shortcake with ice cream.  We can say they serve very good strawberry desserts.

Fresh strawberries!  Of course we bought a basket..

I had never heard of strawberry onions.

These are Pomelos .
After we wondered around the market, we saw people enjoying strawberry milk shakes.  They looked so good, we just had to try one. 
It was very, very good..full of strawberry chunks.  We'll be back for more soon..maybe even before the Annual Florida Strawberry Festival held in Plant City the first of March. 


  1. We've been there and yes, the shortcakes and milkshakes are really good!

  2. Sorry about the Jeep brakes but glad to see Plant City is going strong. Are we still on for March 2nd? I'm looking forward to some strawberry everything at the festival!

  3. You guys are finding the coolest places to go to. Plant City looks really neat.