Friday, January 17, 2014

#51 Lakeridge Winery Tour and Tasting

We have been busy the past few days. 

 On Wednesday we went to the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa.  This was our first time to any kind of RV show this size.  We didn't feel too overwhelmed since we decided to only visit the Vendor Buildings, a few motorhome exhibits and the Vintage RV Display.  We saw lots of interesting items for RVing but we only bought two:  a folding director's chair and a second "Rescue My Cat" sign.  It got very crowded at one point so we just got on the tram and rode around.  We can say we have been once..  I don't know if we will go back again, but I also know:  "never say never".

On Thursday we met our RV friends Rick and Gail of the  Gypsy Turtles for lunch.  We really love the Oakwood Grill and Smokehouse.  I suggested we meet there and since they were finishing up some errands that morning, that was a good meeting location for them as well.  We enjoyed catching up and we also had a great meal too.

On our way back to Davenport, we drove by Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards.  Ronnie suggested we stop in and try their wines.  Yes, we can do that!  As it worked out, our timing was perfect.  We walked in right as they were starting their next tour.  

We got a great view of the vineyards.

We saw the equipment for picking the grapes and bottling the wines.
Once we finished the brief tour, it was time for the tasting.  We were offered 8 different wines out of the 10 they make at the winery.  These wines are of the Muscadine grape variety so they have a sweet kind of taste.  A few of their selections were "dry" which made those seem not quite as sweet.  We purchased their Sunblush wine as it was suggested it is best with cheese. As we were enjoying the descriptions and tastings of the wines, our Sommelier mentioned she was from North Carolina.  Hey, we said, we're from NC too.  Now, you know where this is leading...  She was from Holly Springs, we're from the Fuquay-Varina area and she and Ronnie knew some of the same folks.  We visited with her for awhile after our tasting which was a lot of fun.  As they say "It's a small world".  

We think we will stay around our RV for the next few days, Little Boy has been missing out on his daily walks.  : )

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