Saturday, January 4, 2014

#48 Observations From This Northerner

This is our first winter in Florida and we just can't get over the mild temperatures here and the flowers growing everywhere.  I walk for exercise just about every morning and these are some of the flowers and plants I admire along my path.  Flowers growing in January...a first for us!  Deer Creek RV Park is such a beautiful place and it's surrounded by groves and groves of orange trees.  We haven't stopped at the local fruit stand yet but we plan to and load up on some fresh oranges.

Beautiful roses.

There are a lot of these flowers everywhere.

Tomatoes, onions and broccoli..  Who says you can't garden in a motorhome.

Mom, look at these cabbage!
This flowering bush is beside our RV lot...stunning.  I get to see it everyday.

I think this is a grapefruit first.
These red blossoms are in the trees beside our motorhome.
This huge poinsettia is growing right from the earth.  It's camouflaging an electric box.

I believe these are Sandhill Cranes.  I watched them for awhile.

The weather forecast is for cooler temperatures next week.  Highs are predicted to be in the 40's...that's not too bad and it's only for a couple of days.  These colder temps are unusual for this area of Florida and there is even a prediction of below freezing temps for Tuesday.  Hey, guess along with all the crowds, colder weather tagged along with us from NC too.


  1. Beautiful! I've never seen poinsettias that weren't in a pot! :)

  2. A little cold along the way helps you appreciate the nice weather even more.