Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#49 "Just Chillin"

On my morning walk today I noticed that several of the residents had covered those pretty flowers and sensitive plants for protection from the cold temperatures.  It seems that the plants survived without harm as it didn't get down to 32 degrees here.  Yesterday's high temperature of 49 did set a record for the Orlando area..since 1924.  There is a warm-up expected though.
Forecast for the next several days:  the 70's and 80's!


  1. Warm up you say!!! 9 degrees when I went to work yesterday morning, 17 today!!! Looking forward to getting up to about 38 this afternoon!!! Enjoy the warmth!

  2. I'm jealous. Next time, we are going further south :) We got into the 20's here :(

  3. I'm glad those pretty flowers survived the cold. . . and jealous of that warm-up heading your way. Sounds heavenly!