Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whitehorse, YT to Valdez, AK

Our travel day on the Alaska Highway from Whitehorse, YT to Tok, Alaska was a cold and dreary one.  We missed the Kluane National Park and Icefields because it was all shrouded in fog, rain and clouds. Hopefully we can have a better view on our drive back to the lower 48.  As we traveled towards the Alaska border the rain finally stopped and the skies cleared a bit.  Here's a few photos of our views from the motorhome's wide windshield this day.

The wind-whipped Donjek River, that's the river's silt blowing.

Around 5:30pm on May 21, we were given the "A-OK" by the U.S. Border Patrol and we crossed smoothly into Alaska. YEA!!  

We slept well with no issues boondocking at a rest area on the Alaska Highway and the next morning we arrived early to Tok, Alaska.  We filled up with diesel fuel and Ronnie drove towards the the Tok Cutoff Highway.  This road leads to Valdez, our destination.  More rain and fog kept us from viewing that gorgeous scenery but soon the skies cleared about the time we made it to the Richardson Highway.  We drove the most scenic section from the community of Gulkana down to the town of Valdez.  This part of the Richardson Highway deserves it's own blog post because the scenery is just so spectacular.  Here are a few (ha!) selections from the many, many photographs I took that day.

The spectacular mountain before us is called Mount "Billy" Mitchell.  It is named for Lt. William Mitchell (1879-1936) the Father of the Modern U.S. Air Force.  He was instrumental in constructing a telegraph line from Valdez and Nome connecting them to the Unites States.

Approaching Thompson Pass.
 At 2805 feet, it's the snowest place in Alaska, averaging 551 inches of snow a year.  The winter of 1952-1953 holds the record with 974 inches.

Descending down the pass into the town of Valdez.

Then we get to drive through the Keystone Canyon and view Bridal Veil Falls.

The view from our campsite of the bird-filled marshland, Duck Flats.

Daily 5:00pm eagle feedings until the middle of June by the Bayside RV Park owner (he possess a special permit).  All of the black birds seen here are eagles

More Later.

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