Thursday, May 18, 2017

Watson Lake, Yukon

This update comes from our present location in Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake, Yukon.  Our epic drive, so far, has been smooth and full of fantastic scenery. We are using the Milepost, a book highly suggested for folks traveling the Alaska Highway.  It marks rest areas, campgrounds, towns with fuel, restaurants and of course historical points of interest.  We can't stop at every highlight so we just select a few and if there's room to pull in with a huge motorhome and a tow vehicle, we take in that sight.

On our first day's journey, we took an unexpected detour.  The result was some gorgeous scenery on Highway 97 South.

Our next day's weather drive was not quite as sunny.  A cold rain soon turned into a wintry mix as we gained altitude on the Alaska Highway.  Here we're near the summit of Pink Mountain, 4600ft.  Thankfully, the temps only dipped to 37-35 degrees.

Then, as we dropped altitude, the snow disappeared and the skies cleared a bit.  It's early spring here and the aspen are just beginning to bud.

Tetsa River Lodge has some of the best homemade cinnamon buns you'll ever taste.

Stone Mountain, altitude 4249 feet.
This section of the Alaska Highway was full of incredible mountain scenery.

Our boondocking camping spot for this night was on Muncho Lake.  Here the lake is still frozen but during the summer, they say the water is a turquoise green.  The lake is 7.5 miles long and about 400 feet deep. Judging by the water's edge, the lake is crystal clear.

This was Little Boy's favorite spot.  He loved watching the birds.

These seagull-like birds were desperately looking for any insect or food source they could find. 

The next morning, the skies were clear and we could take in the surrounding mountain range around Muncho Lake.

The Liard Hot Springs
This was a "not-to-miss" stop.  We had read interesting things about these hot springs and they did not disappoint us.  There was a good variety of water temperatures, a smooth pebble bottom, cedar changing rooms and clear, warm water.

 Relaxed from that soothing soak, we eased on down the road to Watson Lake. Next, our visit to The Sign Forest located in town and continuing our journey on the Alaska Highway..

Here are a few photos of some of the animals we have seen so far.

More Later.


  1. Love these pics. Especially the animals. Miss you both and little boy. Weather here is unusual hot spell for this time of year, 93, quite different than Alaska, the hot springs look terrific, what was the temp outside, brr.