Friday, May 12, 2017

Davenport, Iowa to Minot, North Dakota

Once we departed North Carolina, we didn't really have an exact destination in mind (well, we sorta have an idea of one..maybe) so we decided to just work our way to westward to Davenport, Iowa.  We knew there would be a great county park campground that we have enjoyed before: West Lake County Park.  When we pulled in, we noticed water dripping from the rear of the motorhome.  Humm..Ronnie remarked, this isn't good.  Once we got set up, we found the issue, our washing machine was leaking.  We knew it had a water valve problem but I was able to work around it and still get good use from the washer.  Now, both cold and hot water valves had broken and water had filled the drum from our fresh water holding tank.  After draining the drum and waiting for the washer belt to dry, using it became futile, it was obvious the washer no longer worked properly.  The heating element had also burned out.  Thankfully, West Lake County Park is located about a half a mile from a Camping World.  After a visit to their facility the next day, we were soon scheduled for the removal and install of a new washing machine.  It took the better part of a day but it all went well with the washer going out and the new one in through the motorhome's door.

A view of West Lake
We also got in a quick visit with our friends John and Sue before they moved their residence to Florida. (See ya this winter John and Sue)

After several nights of resting, relaxing and catching up on laundry, we eased on down the road towards the northwest.  Our next evening stop:  the WalMart Parking lot in Monticello, Minnesota.

Since a weather front had moved through the day before, this day's travel across Minnesota and North Dakota was clear, sunny and bright with temperatures in the 60's.

We pass by many, many farms just like this one.
We saw a lot of planting activity.

We now understand why Minnesota is called "The Land of 10,000 Lakes", lakes everywhere.

These trees, located at a Minnesota Rest Area, were in full bloom. It's early spring here.

 Traveling through all this sprawling countryside made us a little bit hungry.  Ronnie soon saw a billboard advertising delicious buffalo burgers.  Yes, we just gotta try one, so Ronnie pulls in the Big Chief Truck and Auto Plaza, Home of the Buffalo Burger.

So yummy and covered with cheese
A tasty lunch!
The landscape between Minot, ND and Manitoba, Canada seems to stretch out forever.

After one more night of boondocking in the Walmart parking lot in Minot, North Dakota, we have crossed the border into Manitoba, Canada.

More later.

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