Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Time In Portland, Oregon: Part 1

Wouldn't you know.. Once we got to Portland, the battery in my laptop completely died.  I had to order a new battery and in waiting for it to arrive, I got used to not posting to the blog on a regular basis. Opps, now I've gotten behind.  Here are some photographic highlights of our time here in the Portland area.

Our view from the Island Cafe on the banks of the Columbia River.

We enjoyed a nice bike ride on the "James Gleason Trail" just outside our RV park, both located on the Columbia River.

A day trip up to Mt Hood and the Timberline Lodge.

A visit to Mt Hood Winery

Vancouver Farmers' Market, held Saturdays and Sundays.

On this particular weekend, the Vancouver Farmers' Market was held at the same time as the Vancouver Hawaiian Festival.

A Day Trip to the Bonneville Dam, Fish Ladders and the Columbia Gorge Area

The Bridge of the Gods

That's a Pacific lamphrey, the animal that looks like an eel.

More later..
in Part 2, Our visit to Portland, Oregon.

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