Thursday, August 4, 2016

Part 2, Our Visit to Portland, Oregon

 Columbia River RV Park, located on the northeast side of Portland and situated almost right on the Columbia River, served as our homebase while exploring the area.

The Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway 
was right down the road from the RV park too.
Historic Vista House

On our day trip to the city of Portland, we took their light rail system into the city.  The Max Light Rail Service Station was about 3 miles from our campsite.  We parked there for free and road the system all day for $5 apiece.

Notice the small white dots in the river..they're wind surfers.

Our time here has gone by so fast. We really enjoyed exploring this area, there is just so much to see and do here.  You can visit the city of Portland and it's many unique districts, galleries, shops, restaurants and museums, we didn't even scratch the surface there. You can drive up the scenic Columbia River Gorge and enjoy all of the trails, museums and scenic vistas with waterfalls, all associated with that area. Then there's Mt. Hood, the town of Hood River, not to mention the many wineries and breweries found all over here. And don't forget, there's the interesting city of Vancouver, WA across the Columbia River and it's many attractions.  We just explored a small section of this location for only a 2 week period, you could spend months here and still find something new.
 We've now moved westward to the Oregon coast.
More Later.

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  1. Your pictures in this post were just beautiful! We are planning Oregon next summer so I am taking notes :)