Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Oregon Coast, Part One

Our first series of day trips along the Oregon coast begin at Newport and travel north on Coastal Highway 101 to Tillamook, then turning back southward on that same road. 

We'll begin this photo journey with our visit to Oregon's wonderful Coastal Aquarium located in Newport. 

Our campsite at Seal Rocks RV Cove was adequate and our views of the ocean were incredible.  It's centrally located on the coastal highway and served as a good homebase for exploring this section of the Oregon coast.

Seal Rock State Park was across the street from our RV Park and it made for excellent opportunities to explore tidal pools and get in my walking exercise.

Even Little Boy is enjoying this fantastic view from our campsite..well sort of.

On this day, which is one of the more sunnier days, we drove north, up Highway 101, to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
We had a delicious lunch there and bought the obligatory cheeses and ice cream cones.
We continued our drive turning southward on the Three Capes Loop, stopping at all of the scenic pullouts to marvel at the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the tall, rugged Oregon cliffs.
We came up upon this gentleman who was preparing to do some paragliding.  We watched him jump off the cliff and glide down to the beach below.

Continuing south, we stopped at all of the viewpoints.  We saw several whale blow spouts and their surface breaches but my camera doesn't have a telephoto lens.

Rocky Creek Bridge, designed by Conde McCullough and built in 1927.

Cape Foulweather, named by Captain James Cook in 1778..on a particular windy, rough weather day.

The The Devil's Punch Bowl Rock Formation and surrounding beach area.

It's obviously low tide at the devil's Punch Bowl Rock Formation

More Later..as we continue our travels along the Oregon coastline.

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  1. Cynthia, your photos are awesome, I love reading your posts and seeing them. I posted today and put on pics of my girls and I at mothers day weekend in Mount Dora. Also a few pics of what decorating I have done to the house. Getting used to posting again, feels good, regards to ron and of course little boy.