Thursday, July 21, 2016

So Long Anacortes and Fidalgo Island

Our month long stay is up and it's time to move on to those new places to see and explore.  Anacortes, the wonderful seaside town located on the northern tip of Fidalgo Island, has been almost the perfect home base for us.  We enjoyed so many elements that the town had to offer. Strolling the Anacortes and San Cap Marinas and viewing them from Cap Sante Park Viewpoint, enjoying the surrounding quaint communities and fishing villages, local casinos and tasty restaurants. With the added bonus of a surprise visit from our RVing friends, John and Suzanne, this month was most memorable.  Here are a few left over highlights of our stay on Fidalgo Island.

The Anacortes Farmers Market is a highlight everyone should see.  It's held every Saturday morning.  We went there 4 times!

We loved visiting the historic waterfront village of Le Conner..

Driving northwards to the city of Bellingham, we accidentally came upon the quaint village of Edison.  Established in 1869, it's the home town of Edward R. Morrow.  Art galleries and bread shops were there for our "poking around" pleasure.

One of the most scenic and historic highways in Washington is the Chuckanut Drive, Hwy 11.  It winds along the mountain side of the Chuckanut Mountains, offering gorgeous Samish Bay vistas, hiking trails up into the hillsides and delicious oysters.

Folks on the waterfront, enjoying their freshly steamed oysters bought at Taylor Shellfish Farms.  We got some and cooked our own back at our campsite. They were fresh and excellent.

View of the Samish Bay and the oyster farms.

Panoramic views of Anacortes from the Cap Sante Park Viewpoint.

Exploring Anacortes up close and personal with our friends, John and Suzanne.

We have since moved on to Portland, Oregon where we plan to be there for a couple of weeks.  Farmers markets, breweries, the Columbia River, Mount Hood, more notable gardens and the Willamette Valley..

More Later.

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