Monday, July 20, 2015

Pikes Peak = 14,115 ft

We last visited Pikes Peak in 2003 opting to drive the road to the top rather than take the Cog Railway.  We remember it then as an intense drive on a dirt road with no guard rails.  On this trip, however, the experience was some what less stressful since the road is now paved the entire length and strategic guard rails have been placed along the route.  Never the still was an exciting drive for Ron and his

There are also several signs reminding you to travel with your vehicle in its lowest gear.

Our first stop is at Crystal Creek Reservoir.

Zoomed in view of the switch back section, headed towards the summit..

Our clear day was beginning to develop some clouds.
No guard rails here.

No guard rails here either but at least it is paved.

Beautiful views are everywhere.  Click this LINK to get a detailed description of the drive to the Pikes Peak Summit.

We're back on top of Pikes Peak once again.
One has to boulder hop to get to that look out.

Due to the nice weather this day, there were crowds of people.

View of the Cog Railroad tracks.

We took turns taking photos of each other. 

It was extremely crowded in the gift shop/restaurant.  We stayed outside enjoying the views that inspired Katherine Bates to write the poem America The Beautiful.

It was 52 degrees up there..
chilly with a stiff breeze.
After while, we decided to drive back down the mountain.  The weather changed and a shower was developing.

As we traveled down, we came upon a family of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

These lambs were playing "king of the mountain top".  We watched them jump over and on top of this rock for about 5 or 10 minutes. Very cool.

Lots of wildflowers in this alpine section.

Great, there's a guard rail!

It's always amazing to look back and see where you have traveled.

Once we were down off the mountain, that shower we viewed from a distance, arrived and it was accompanied with strong winds.

Of course we were hungry from this trip so we filled up on some delicious BBQ at Rudy's Country Store and BBQ in Colorado Springs. pictures of that fantastic meal.  It was eaten before I even thought about my camera.

More later.

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  1. We did the same drive in June ... fantastic views; lots of fun. We kept an eye out for bighorn sheet and other life ... rewarded only with yellow-bellied marmots at the summit.