Friday, July 31, 2015

"Colorado Livin"

Our first month of living in Colorado is coming to a close.  We really like these comfortable temperatures (low to upper 80s) and the low humidity (average25-35%).  You can sit in the shade, feel cool and enjoy the breeze.  We're enjoying all that Colorado has to offer and looking forward to exploring more of the state.

We spent an afternoon browsing the shops of Old Colorado City. It is a national historic section of Colorado Springs.

We found lots of quaint shops and restaurants to check out.

We also spent an afternoon enjoying Pueblo's Riverwalk.  Unfortunately the temperatures were very hot the day were were there.  The upper elevations of Colorado have somewhat cooler temperatures.  Pueblo's elevation is 4,662 feet while Canon City's elevation is 5,312 ft.  Mountain View RV Camp, where we are located, is 6,488 ft.

While strolling along the Pueblo Riverwalk, we found a pub advertising 2 Bloody Mary's for 1.  They had a cooling effect this warm afternoon.

Canon City has a couple of "Rail to Trails" bike paths.  We selected a cooler day to try out these bike trails.  This section is called "Tunnel Drive Trail".  It was a bit scary for me as the path rode along the side of the mountain..just as the old train did in the 1890's. Click here to learn more about the history of the Royal Gorge Railroad.

There are 3 tunnels along the bike trail.  This is the longest one, around 250 feet long.

The terrain was very desert-like with cactus, juniper and a few pinion trees.

There are 3 trestle bridges too.  This is the last one and the trail goes downhill from it, ending shortly afterwards.  We turned around after we crossed that last trestle.
Then we rode our bikes on the Canon City Riverwalk.
The trail is flat and convenient, right beside the Arkansas River. It was a cool ride with a tree-lined path, very opposite in comparison to the open, desert-like, side of a mountain Tunnel Drive Trail.
This take out area along the Riverwalk is used frequently by kayakers and rafters.  Canon City also has a Whitewater Festival in June.
We didn't bike the entire 7 miles of the Riverwalk Trail. We had just ridden the Tunnel Drive Trail and we were give out!

We have experienced some tasty meals while here in the Canon City area.
                               Here are a few that stood out.                                       
Pizza Madness in Canon City: MeatLovers/ Colorado Chicken
Rudy's BBQ Chicken and BBQ turkey with Baked Beans in Colorado Springs
Look at the size of those Meatballs!  Rosario's at the Pueblo Riverwalk

We discovered
They have only one menu item: great steaks.

We celebrated our 31st anniversary at Michael's On Main with baked salmon & candied ginger/raspberry sauce. Outstanding!

We frequently see the magpies here too.  I always think of the funny Windex commercial when I see Magpies!


More later of our "Colorado Livin" experiences as we Eas-On Down The Road to Pagosa Springs.


  1. All kinds of interesting places to look forward to when we return to Colorado.

  2. Love reading your blog, you know how I love food. We are still at the Dells in Wisconsin, will leave on Monday for Macinaw Island. Then from there to Niagara Falls, then, whee down to Florida, can hardly wait, miss you guys, but look forward to seeing you in Florida. Will probably put our rig up for consignment at Alliance, after we find a house, looking forward to new dreams.