Sunday, April 28, 2013

# 29 Wildwood, Florida

We have been located at the Alliance Coach Service Center's campground for the past week.  They also offer camping to anyone who would like to stay but almost all of the motorhomes here are waiting for service.

Our technician came 3 mornings this past week to get the MH around 7:15 am and he kept it until 5:00pm each day.  He's almost finished with our "outside and engine maintenance/repair" list.  The only items left are to install the new skylight and resealed door window next week.  Beginning Monday, the interior wish list gets started: cabinet work for our flat screen TVs and replacing the carpet in the living room area for Pergo flooring.

This has been an interesting process for us.  Ronnie has learned a lot watching and talking with the technicians (they allow you to go back into the bays while they are working) and I have learned some things visiting with the other RVers in the lounge/waiting area.  Little Boy has been so good.  He has mostly slept in his large pet carrier and even allowed curious lookers to peep in at him.  We've been  leaving in the middle of the day and riding around in The Villages (a very nice retirement/golfing community). This time gives Little Boy a chance to stretch and go into his litter box.

We hope next week goes as smooth for us as this past week.  We met one couple that has been here for 3 weeks now.  Yikes.....

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  1. Can't wait to see your upgrades! Little Boy is a GOOD BOY!!