Tuesday, April 9, 2013

# 26 Southern Drawl

This is one city where I feel a little more at home.  No one here has asked me, when they heard me speak,  "Where are you from?  The south?"

We were fascinated with the Ravenel Bridge.  It is just amazing and beautiful. We drove over it twice and even found the river park under it where you can walk the bridge. We rode over the old bridge 27 years ago on a motorcycle. 

We strolled the Waterfront Pier area.

......and took several pictures.

The weather was perfect.  The swings there were our favorite.  They reminded us of our swing we used to have on our front porch...except these were much larger and with a better view.

We had lunch at the Southend Brewery.  That place had excellent beer and tasty food.  We enjoyed the Carolina BBQ Sandwich with a fried pickle.

We rode around town on the free trolly. We were able use that and do pretty much what we wanted.  It was crowded however and it got worse as the day progressed. 

You just couldn't ask for better weather in Charleston.  It was cool, breezy and with little humidity.  The Brewery could have their doors and windows open and offer a cool atmosphere.

We enjoyed brousing the City Market as well.

It seems good to see flowers blooming after the chilly March we just experienced.  It was one of the nicest days we've had in a long time.
 We then drove out to Sullivan's Island where we saw several restaurants with outdoor seating.  We noticed a lot of people out, early, enjoying dinner.  We thought we would stop at one with a water front view for a refreshing beverage.  We then found out it was "Happy Hour".
Hey, we remember those.


  1. Looks like a great place for us to visit! Thanks for the tour. Beautiful!

  2. That looks like a gorgeous day! And I would have enjoyed the swings too. Can never pass one up.