Saturday, April 20, 2013

# 28 Bye Bye Bay Bayou

We leave this very nice RV park tomorrow.  It has been an enjoyable stay, with the exception of the MH repairs.  We were glad that we got here when we did and if we had to have some mechanical issues, we couldn't have been in a nicer place.  There have been record temperature highs here the past few days so we have enjoyed floating in the pool.  We have met several nice couples, some full-timers here and others passing through, just like us.  We hope to come back here again someday.  This campground is so convenient to downtown Tampa, the beaches, nature areas and shopping.  They have planned activities, social gatherings and clean buildings and surroundings.  Tonight is a pool party with Hawaiian cookout.  Yep, we're going.

Each time I rode the bike and did my morning walk I got to enjoy many of the full-time residents' flowers and gardens.  I was told that very rarely does it get below freezing here.
The lady that owned this poinsettia said it was a year and a half old.  

These were her orchids.  They're growing outside!  Just amazing to me.
Her gardens were beautiful.  I asked her permission to take these photos.  Many of the year-round residents here had these nice patios filled with tropical potted plants and tropical-type plants just growing in the ground. 

Our site wasn't quite as lush but we still enjoyed it.  I took Little Boy out for walks too.  

Bay Bayou RV Park is located near the Upper Tampa Bay Nature Preserve.   They have canoe and nature trails to enjoy and explore.  We just walked around and looked the scenery, boat ramp and nature center. 
We hope to come back here one day so maybe then we'll do the canoe trip.  We didn't get in the art museums visits I wanted either.  It seemed good most days for us to just relax.  We did go back to Tarpon Springs for a quick drive-thru (we spent the turn of the century there) and took in a visit to the nearby Camping World.  There is a lot to see and do in this area and that gives us another reason for us to come back to spend a winter in this part of Florida.

We are headed to Wildwood, Florida tomorrow.  We are scheduled to be at the Alliance Coach Service Center campground tomorrow afternoon.  Our service appointment is for Monday, April 22 at 7:15 am.  We have a list of items for them to check and we are getting our TV cabinets remodeled to fit in flat screens. We planned to come down here to this service center at some point when we purchased the coach back in November 2012.  We are looking forward to seeing the improvements to our home-on-wheels.