Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reflections of Gold Beach

Here's a very brief overview of our week in Gold Beach.  

No doubt, one highlight was our trip up the Rogue River on Jerry's Rogue River Jet Boats.  We selected the 104 mile trip and on the next to the last day they offered it.  Water levels are really low now, almost too low to even run the jet boats.

Our day began chilly and foggy. This does not stop the salmon fishermen.

You can see how low the Rogue River is now, look for the white "bath tub ring".

There were a few rapids and our jetboat driver did managed to get a little river water spray on his passengers.

The afternoon return trip was clear and bright.

No bear sightings this trip but we did see a lot of herons and 3 bald eagles.

Plus an assortment of ducks..

We also see a lot of small boats filled with folks fishing, not just Pacific Salmon but for a variety of native trout and Steelhead.

The Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor lives up to it's billing.  This stretch of the Oregon Coastline is stunning.  This drive begins about 5 miles south of gold Beach traveling along Highway 101.

Cape Ferrelo Viewpoint

Viewpoint coming into the coastal town of Brookings.

 Our home-base campsite was at Four Seasons RV Park, located right on the banks of the Rogue River.  It was one of the quietest, most comfortable RV parks we have stayed at on our trip down the Oregon coast.

More Later as we have eased on down the road to Brookings, Oregon.  

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