Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bye-Bye Brookings

Atrivers RV Park, located on the Chetco River, was our home-base while we explored the town of Brookings.  We enjoyed sunsets, surrounding state parks and ocean viewpoints.  We also made 2 day trips to explore Redwood National and State Park.  We went to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove and the Stout Grove.  Both were beyond amazing..but if we had to pick our favorite grove, it would be the Stout Grove for it's feel as if nothing had been touched but only by the hands of Mother Nature.  Trees were left as they had fallen.  The paths wound around these stumps and it gave you the look of "pick-up-sticks" as these colossal trees had fallen and split into shreds.  You could almost hear the deafening sound of these trees as they fell, tumbling and crashing into one another.  It is almost too hard for us to comprehend that these trees are between 1300 and 2000 years old. 

The Ladybird Grove seemed more manicured and more visited.

Walking among these giants, I realize it is impossible to capture, with my camera, the immensity and size of these trees.  But try as I might..

The Stout Grove gave us the impression of a more undisturbed grove, left in it's own natural state of growth.  It also seemed less visited.

This redwood seemed to have recently fallen because there were green needles still attached to it's branches. 

And the drive leading out of the Stout Grove was as awe-inspiring as our hike in that grove. 

McVay Rock State Recreation Area, a gorgeous rocky beach, also has one of the largest redwood tree stumps you'll find on the coast.  This gem is just south of Brookings.

We've moved off the Oregon coast now and we've eased on down the road to Mt Shasta.
More Later.

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  1. We stayed at the koa in mount shasta, very long sites, not too expensive, we had a good time, we visited ferndale across the bridge, victorian homes and saw a small cheese factory. In town there is an ok chinese restaurant on one of the corners. Very small town. We had mexican food there too but service was horrible but food good, go over to the town of Weed, take some photos, a hoot.