Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cape Blanco, What a Scenic Place

Cape Blanco State Park has to be one of the most scenic places we have visited to date.  Our 4 night stay in the State Park Campground was filled with sight-seeing, a little hiking, sunset and whale watching, lighthouse-touring and even a festival .

Our tour of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse offered insight into this most westerly lighthouse of the lower 48 states.  It's also the oldest standing lighthouse on the Oregon coast.  Built in 1870, it became fully automated in 1980.

Tours are given by State Park Volunteers.  Note the white smock hanging on the wall. Lighthouse keepers wore these to keep the Fresnel Lens from getting scratched.

All of the bricks used for the lighthouse were made on site.  The staircase is only connected to the walls at the landings.

What a view from the top!  The curtain hanging in the photo is from an earlier time period when it was raised and lowered (I think with a pulley-type system) to create the light's blinking signal.  Of course, that signal is now electronically controlled.

This particular lens is a Second Order Fresnel Lens.  That means it is a little smaller than Heceta Head Lighthouse's First Order Fresnel Lens.

Scenic viewpoints surround this lighthouse.  This is just one of several views from the lighthouse visitor center parking lot.

Beach views are not too bad either..

A section of the Oregon Coastal Trail winds through Cape Blanco State Park.  This portion of trailway traverses through wooded headlands filled with fir trees and then suddenly walks out to open land with stunning, scenic cliff views.

It was these 200 foot chalky white cliffs that inspired the Spanish explorers to name this area Cape Blanco or White Cape.

Along the trail, there were a few blooming wildflowers left, but not many.

Cape Blanco State Park is located about 10 miles north of Port Orford.  The town offers grocery shopping, a few good restaurants and other general services but mostly it's generously filled with scenic overlooks!  Many of these viewpoints offer excellent whale watching locations.
No fishing boats out today, gale force winds in effect!

We really enjoyed this whale watching location!  The whales were still just too far away to get a good photo unless you have a telephoto lens.  Our binoculars worked just fine, however.

A view of the port..

and a stunning view of the bay.

We traveled further down Highway 101 to a few other overlooks only to find more and more beautiful Oregon coastline.

Behind our campsite, the Oregon Coastal Trail traveled through several different parts of the Park.  A very short walk down that trail lead us to this gorgeous view.  It was amazing to see the changes of the ocean and cliffs as the light and weather changed.

Our cat, Little Boy, would agree too, that this would be his most favorite place.  He enjoyed his frolic in the deep woods.

More Later on our visit to the town of Bandon and how they can do a Cranberry Festival just right.

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  1. Love the post, especially the one of little boy. So glad you are enjoying oregon, when we were there I was so sick I couldn't do anything, all the damp cold weather got me down. We are on the bowling team today, it is fun and meeting a whole bunch of new people. Regards to ron and little boy.