Monday, October 28, 2013

# 43 The Tail of the Dragon (aka Hwy 129)

Yesterday, we enjoyed a brief "NASCAR" moment as Ron navigated Highway 129 on the NC/Tennessee border.
This is a really cool road that seems to be a haven for drivers of fast vehicles!  We saw several motorcycles of all types, Cameros, Mustangs and even a few Porsches travelling this curvy road.  It is stated that this road is an engineering feat as it involves 318 turns in 11 miles.
Tail of the Dragon 
And if you "lay your bike down" also known as "wrecking it", you are to place the broken part at the "Tree of Shame".  We found all of this At Deals Gap on the NC side of the border.
The leaves were in full color and I did my best to keep my eyes on them.  Ron had no problems driving this road...he loved it!
He drove the highway 11 miles and then turned around and drove it again.  There were several pull offs and we took advantage of them to view the traffic.  We saw one guy on a racing bike almost lose it...but he regained control and drove on.  Scary!

On the way back to Flat Rock (Lakewood Campground), we stopped by the Nantahala Outdoor Center to reminisce.  We have spent many good times here with several good friends.  It has really changed and grown since we first ran the river in the early 1980's.  The restaurant and Outdoor Center were in the same building back then.  There was only one "take-out" and there was no development across the riverbank.
We had to stop by Harrah's Casino in Cherokee too.  No luck with the slots, but we did have a good time.

This week, we played in the snow at  Mount Mitchell State Park .

We've had some fantastic BBQ at Hubba Hubba BBQ in Flat Rock, enjoyed a great pizza and craft brews at Ashville Pizza and Brewing and we have put lots and lots of miles on the Jeep.  We have had a great time driving around these beautiful mountains.  The leaves seem to peak at different elevations.  There were no leaves on the trees at Mount Mitchell but they are in full color here (Hendersonville/Flat Rock area).

Little Boy was unhappy that we left him so long yesterday.  He paid us back late last night by sneaking outside when Ron stepped out.  We finally got him back in the MH but not before we had to chase him down...and was he ever so hard to see!  I left the door of the MH open and thankfully he went back in on his own.  His new name today is "Little Stinker".

 It's raining and cloudy today, so it's housework and chillin-out time.  Ahh..


  1. What a wonderful time you guys are having! We have a friend who does the Dragon on his motorcycle a couple times a year. He loves it! I certainly hope Ron did it in the Jeep and not the motorhome :) You sure picked the perfect time of the year to visit.

  2. Hi, love hearing about your adventures. Little boy is a stinker, peanut got out a couple of times and got so scared he froze. I then hoisted his 22 lbs on my shouler and gave him a good talking to. He still tries to sneak out, but we are smarter than him. We are at the fountain of youth rv spa, thousands of activities, theater groups, yoga, bingo, flea markets, the place is huge but is out in the middle of nowhere, look it up on We got lost coming here of course and went over such a bumpy road that now our living room tv has interference lines across it and who knows how the installer got it on the bracket. No rv guy or tv guys around here, got to go an hour away to palm springs.

  3. oh by the way, the tv problem, it was the flourescent light ballast in the living room. I went on the irv2 forum and someone told me, thank god, we are in the middle of nowhere and cant get anyone to fix anything here.

  4. I always thought that our Miata would have been fun on the Dragon until I drove it on a regular curvy mountain road. That was enough for me.