Thursday, October 17, 2013

# 38 Charleston, SC

We have had a fantastic time visiting with Rick and Gail of the Gypsy Turtles in Charleston, SC.  We arrived last Saturday evening at the Oak Plantation Campground and relaxed with a Happy Hour beverage and some tasty snacks.  We talked about all the possibilities Charleston has to offer and soon we had a plan. 
We started with a Sunday visit to the Southend Brewery.  We enjoyed good craft brews, sandwiches and even better conversation.  

Monday, we scheduled a boat tour of the Charleston Harbor area.

The weather was cool and cloudy but that didn't hinder us.  We saw lots of sites and learned interesting facts about the history of the Charleston Harbor.

  One of the many sites we saw was Fort Sumter.

 Unfortunately, it was closed due to the government shutdown.

We got to see this unique view of the Arther Ravenel Bridge.

Tuesday was our "chill out" day.  Gail and I spent some quality time at Costco shopping.  Ron and Rick....well they spent time doing motorhome maintenance items.

Wednesday we began the day with a walk on the trail that's part of the Arther Ravenel Bridge.  What views we saw!  Ron really enjoyed this experience.  We didn't walk the entire trip of the bridge trail, we got distracted by the amazing views we saw from the top.
  Later in the day, we had planned a carriage ride through the city of Charleston.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a delightful carriage ride through the city of Charleston.  Again, we learned many interesting facts and saw some beautiful seaside homes.  Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable.  Ron and I both agreed that we would take this tour again as it gave us a more personal view of the city.

Rick and Gail had plans to move on to their next destination this morning.   We said our "Good-byes, Safe Travels and Wow, we had a great time!" and know we'll see them again..maybe next year sometime.   As for our plans, we have decided to spend several more days here.  We have found we really enjoy this city and have a few other places on our list we would like to explore.  Also Ron has an important birthday coming up so we decided this might be a great place to celebrate this occasion.  

Stay tuned...  
We went to Cypress Gardens today.   Beautiful!

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  1. We sure enjoyed our week there and will be back! See you all this winter :)