Tuesday, October 22, 2013

# 41 Hello, it's the Big 6-0!

Ron was 23 when he and I first met.  It's hard for us to believe that was 37 years ago!  We decided a great way to celebrate his birthday would be to spend some more time in Charleston.  We have done something different almost everyday.  A few of the things we've enjoyed have been:

We took a drive down the historic Ashley River Road, exploring the plantations of the area.
Magnolia Plantation on the Ashley River Road, home of the oldest gardens in America.
We spent a day walking around the town, exploring the side allies, galleries and shops.
The Heyward-Washington House.  George Washington was entertained here.

From the previous posts, we've enjoyed Cypress Gardens, the Irvin-House Winery and we have done some shopping too.
Today, we revisited The Firefly Distillery.  Ron enjoyed six selections and settled on the Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon and the Southern Accents Peach Cobbler Liqueur.  They were out of the Bourbon (shucks!) so it was the Peach Cobbler Liqueur that made it's way into our shopping bag.  It was suggested that the Peach Cobbler was excellent in apple cider..so it will accompany us to the southern NC mountains tomorrow.  Next stop: the Hendersonville, NC area.  (Flat Rock, NC)
For dinner, Ronnie was craving Greek Cuisine.  It was suggested that Manny's Grill was one of the best in the Charleston area, so off we went. 
It was very tasty and did not disappoint.
Little Boy wishes Ronnie a Happy Birthday too.
We have had a memorable time here in Charleston, SC.  Tomorrow we are going to Flat Rock, NC.


  1. Happy Birthday Ron! Charleston sounds like a great place to celebrate. The mountains sound great too. Enjoy your travels.

  2. Love the pictures and especially the one of you and Ronnie, glad his BIG 60 was a great one. Take care and enjoy your travels.

  3. Happy Birthday Ronnie! Enjoy your time in the mountains. The weather should be just about perfect right now :)
    Love the pic of the two of you also!
    Safe travels!

  4. Happy Birthday to Ron! Isn't it great to have your home on wheels so you can choose whatever location you want to celebrate your birthday?!