Friday, December 28, 2012

# 15 It Must Be In The Air...

RV repairs must be in the air for the end of 2012.

I read several full-time RVer blogs and some of them are dealing with RV repairs now.  We are also dealing with our own RV repair too.

Ron had to use a hack saw to cut through a rusty screw.

Ron knew we had a small leak with the black tank valve and thought it needed replacing.  It's an RV repair often met with procrastination and with good reason.  He decided that today might be a good day to tackle this job.  I offered assistance as the "helper" with handing him tools and moral support.

Ron ended up switching to the tighter fitting latex gloves.

It turns out that valve wasn't broken after all.  Instead, that whole pipe fitting has a small crack and it will need to be replaced.  Ron was able to replace the black tank valve with the new valve, re tighten the screws (which was the most difficult part of this job due to the difficulty of reaching the screws in such a tight place) and he says we'll be able to get by until the new part comes in next week.  He ordered the new pipe this morning.

Obviously....Little Boy has made himself at home.

The dash is nice and warm and he gets to view all the activity in the park.


  1. Sounds like it must be the season!! I hope this is the last repair for both of us!!

  2. Ugh! Now that's a cr*ppy job. Hope part 2 goes smoothly.

    Happy New Year to you both!