Saturday, December 1, 2012

# 12 Cane Creek Campground

We got up this morning planning to return to Cedar Point, NC.  However, Ronnie discovered that the Jeep's front passenger side tire was flat.  This is such a nice place and since we had no pressing time frame to return back to Page Place RV Park, we decided to stay an extra night.  This would allow us to get the tire leak plugged and I could wash a few loads of clothes.  It was such a nice day, I even got in some walking exercise.

There are some nice walking paths and I even saw some horses.

Little Boy is beginning to enjoy the big windshield.  We catch him looking out the windows a lot now.

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  1. I am sure Little Boy is going to love all the window spaces. Our cats adjusted much more quickly than I thought they would. I think they are actually to the point where they like the fiver better than the house. The house is so empty now that they don't have too much furniture to jump on, or to sleep on. I felt sorry for them and put a couple towels down, and Crookshanks is asleep on a towel on the floor right now. :)