Friday, December 21, 2012

# 14 Merry Christmas

We have been very busy this month getting the motorhome set up for full-time living.  Once we moved all of our things that were stored in the fifth wheel, to the motorhome,  I realized I needed to have yet another yard sale.  We have also cleaned the interior and exterior of the fifth wheel and are in the process of getting the awning replaced at the local RV repair facility.  We hope to have it up for sale by the middle of January.  Next on the list for clean-up is our Dodge dually truck.

We really like our RV lot here.  We feel it's very spacious and it's across from the pool too.  We've been in this RV park since 2007.

I saved many of my Christmas tree ornaments given to me by students.  When I took them out to display on our small table- top tree, I was struck by how many were angel-themed. I normally wouldn't have thought anything of that except the tragic events of the past week brought that observation to mind.
 We really enjoy living in the motorhome.  Right now, we cannot think of anything we would change about it.  The only issue that has me puzzled now, how best to store all of my spice containers. I've seen the carousel type storage bins but I haven't made up my mind on that yet.

 Little Boy has adapted well, I think.  He enjoys the large windshield at all and night.  He plays with his toys and had created a "play running lap" from the washing machine to the driver's seat, wrinkling and sliding on the rugs as he scampers.  He still enjoys walks on his leash but gets scared when a stranger comes up so we don't walk far from our lot.

We want to wish our blog followers, family and friends a very
 Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year.


  1. Little Boy is a cutie pie! We also have a black cat named Phoebe. She and our other two cats quickly adjusted to our RV life.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. It sounds like you're very organized and know what you want to accomplish next. Your site at that park is wonderful and if you can keep it, that would be a wonderful home base :) Good luck with the sale of the 5th wheel and truck. Merry Christmas!