Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chapter Six

We had success with the washing machine.  I think I'm going to really like that appliance. 

Little Boy still doesn't like looking out the windows but his curiosity is just killing him.  I've caught him several times checking out the landscape.  I even saw him one time peeping through the holes where the strings are threaded through the shades.

The nice couple we purchased the motorhome from took us out to dinner last night.  We enjoyed  a tasty meal while we exchanged  several stories about our camping experiences.  They are delightful and fun to talk too.  We could tell they are going to miss this motorhome but know that they have many memories of wonderful times to keep in their hearts.  We assured them we would think of them as we now embark on our journey in this fantastic home.

On this Thanksgiving Day and everyday we are grateful for our many blessings.

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