Saturday, November 24, 2012

# 7 A First Time For Everything

They say there is a first time for everything.  That was the case for us today.  

Our first time driving the motorhome with me as "copilot".  Ron did an excellent job as pilot, of course.

Our first fuel stop.  

Ron's first time checking tire air pressure.

Our first camp fire??  It's rather pitiful.  We wanted a steak for dinner and we found a disposable grill to use.  It doubled as a campfire too.

We also took a walk down to the Smith River canoe "put in".  This is the view behind the motorhome.

We have been full-time RVer's for a week now and so far we are all getting adjusted well.  Even Little Boy is doing much better.  His first ride in the motorhome went ok.  He went straight to his litter box however when we came back to our camping spot.


  1. You'll be seasoned veteran's quite soon! How about the hole in your wallet after that first fuel stop? :)

    1. It wasn't as bad as we thought, however the MH's tank was 3/4 full. With tires, service and toad hitch, we expect the "hole" to open wide next week. :+($)

      I love the fact that you get to comment on my blog now. :)

  2. So many firsts all at the same time!! Sounds like things are going great. I admire you guys tackling all of that so close together. I was saying to Harry that I was so glad we bought the fiver last year because I don't think my psyche could handle all of that and the house stuff at the same time. :)

    1. We didn't plan on getting the MH so soon. We just happen to find one that we really liked. We're taking our time and it will help that we will not be traveling for 4 months or so while we get it organized the way we want.