Thursday, November 29, 2012

# 10 Childress Winery and Racing Museum

We have been waiting for the Cummins service to be completed.  We have stayed in their RV camp area for the past 2 nights. It's ok but not Indian Heritage Campground in Martinsville.

Cummins Atlantic is a very professional outfit and our service tech has been awesome.  He's explained many things to Ronnie regarding the engine and all the other associated systems in the MH.

We've needed to leave each morning by 7:00am.  Yesterday we just hung out at the mall.  I got my hair cut and we did some Christmas shopping.  Today, we decided to get out and travel a bit.  Ronnie decided he wanted to find the Childress Winery and the GPS told us it was only 32 miles out of Greensboro.  It was a great suggestion.  The wine tasting was very nice and Donna, our "taste-master" also gave us a brief tour of the wine-making facilities.  She showed us the wine barrel storage areas too.  Of course, I was so enthralled with it all that I forgot to take pictures.

Ronnie was also interested in visiting the Richard Childress Racing Museum.  We drove over to Welcome, which was about 8 miles away.  It was a bit expensive (to me) to visit the Earnhardt exhibit part of the facility but they did have an area that was free called the "fan walk".   There you could see through large windows where the race cars were being built.

When Ronnie walked by this window I heard him say  "That sure is a lot of rear ends."  

Ronnie also commented he wished we had this engine in the Jeep.

I thought the pattern on these cars was interesting.

We saw this restaurant on the way and remarked that it might be a good stop for lunch on the way back to Greensboro.

It was great.  We have never had any Lexington BBQ before.  

Tonight we are in the Camping World campground so we will be available first thing in the morning for the installation of the tow hitch.  This device will allow us to pull the Jeep behind the MH.   Two services down, one to go.

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