Thursday, May 9, 2019

We're Back In Travel Mode

Ron and I are finally back on the road, enjoying our travels across the United States. We loved our month-long time spent with my Mom helping her with errands, yard work, gardening and lots of visiting.  While I was having fun with her, Ronnie was completing his final maintenance items on the motorhome.  He was able to change oils and filters in it and the generator, complete an update on our water softener and more the exciting part of researching various places to visit west of the Mississippi River.  We have always enjoyed our travels in the western regions of the US, so that's where we are headed.  We hope to revisit Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks, explore more of Idaho's landscapes and go anywhere else that strikes our interest.  We have no specific travel plans or destinations right now other than to re-explore areas we visited many years ago and to also discover new, amazing places in this beautiful country.

Our first stop was the Tom Johnson Campground in Marion, North Carolina.  This location was the perfect "homebase" to revisit one of our favorite places Mount Mitchell and Mount Mitchell State Park.  Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ron and I reminisce about all of our many visits here and remark that this road still is one of the most scenic in the country.

This day was cloudy with forecast heavy showers.  We found the mountain views just as amazing as we have many other times.  Our last visit here was with my Mom in October 2014.  You can revisit that blog post by clicking here.

While Ronnie and I were visiting Marion's Mica Town Brewery, we were informed by some locals, there was a town marker erected in honor of native son Roy Williams, the University of North Carolina Men's Basketball Coach. Being the Tar Heel fan that I am, Ronnie and I set out on our mission the find the street marker.  Easy to spot, it was located in front of City Hall.  We had no idea Roy Williams was born in Marion, NC, we just knew he was from the Asheville area.  Another fun fact and memorable experience added to our full-time RVing travels.

While we are trying to dodge the spring storms that are marching across the central part of the US, we made the good decision to stay a couple of extra days in Marion.  That made just enough time for us to discover Jalapeno Fresh Grill, a fantastic Mexican food restaurant located on the outskirts of town. Yummmy!

We're now moving across the US on Interstate 40 where we stopped for 2 nights at the conveniently located Downtown RV Park in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We stayed here last summer for a week while getting a couple of quick repairs done so we knew this was a good place to pause.  Again, we needed to wait a day or two for the storms and flooding rains to pass.

Onward to our next location, Kansas City, Missouri.

More later..

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