Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 2019, Finally A Blog Update

It has been awhile since an update from Eas-on Down The Road.  We are still here in "blog-land", just not posting as much due to being busy with everyday living activities.  When we usually arrive in North Carolina, we tend to spend our time with family and complete annual medical appointments rather than sight-see and explore the region.  We spend our winters in Florida, were our motorhome gets all of the attention for important maintenance items, any needed repairs and/or upgrades. Usually, when we leave Florida after those 3 months, we go back to North Carolina to spend a little more time with my family before we get back into our traveling and exploring routines.  My blog has always been about sharing with family and friends the interesting places we see while we travel rather than a diary or blog about our everyday activities.  That's why I just don't blog much when we are completing life's necessities, those important details that allow us to enjoy our travels the rest of the year.  Bare with us, if we don't blog much during December, January-April as those months are spent keeping ourselves and the motorhome up and running smooth.

Here is a very brief update from the past 3 months.

I enjoyed a nice lunch at the North Carolina Museum of Art with fellow retired art educators.

We celebrated Christmas with my family.  Little Boy has been very good so he received a gift from Santa too.

Arriving to Florida, the issues/repairs with our motorhome get addressed.  Ronnie needed some rare assistance with an on-going AquaHot problem (that's our hot water/heat).  He has been very successful at troubleshooting and solving questions but this one had him stumped. A certified AquaHot mobile technician confirmed Ronnie's suspected diagnosis and with parts on hand, solved that annoyingly deceptive electrical matter.
Next: caulking, caulking and more caulking..the entire motorhome. Ronnie is now in the middle of a big project, he is recaulking all of the its fiberglass seams.  On an older coach like ours, it is important to keep the moisture out.  The Florida weather this winter has been very cooperative for this type of project: sunny, warm and dry.

Strawberries!  We are eating our fill of fresh Florida strawberries.

In between all of the maintenence jobs, we still find time for fun. We enjoy good times with our friends from Iowa,Virginia & Pennsylvania.

We look forward to getting back out on the road, enjoying our traveling lifestyle but annual maintenance and repairs are expected and needed.  It is part of the full-time RVing style of living we have chosen.  Soon, I"ll be back to posting more about our travels as we continue to on Eas-on Down The Road.

More Later..

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  1. Always nice visiting with Family and Friends.
    It seems everyone is having Maintenance Issues this winter.
    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.