Wednesday, November 9, 2016

San Diego: A Visit to the Zoo

The San Diego Zoo had been on our "bucket list" of places to visit for a long time.  We get an early start this day, we have water bottles, good walking shoes, full camera batteries and loads of excitement.  Our visit did not disappoint us and so far it has been one of my most favorite places we have visited this travel season.  Unfortunately, I didn't note some of the names of the unusual animals so I have provided links to the San Diego Zoo's Information.  What I have posted here is mostly a "photo-blog" of some of the sights that really stood out in our minds.

I was amazed that this zoo has been here for 100 years.

Once we get our maps and figure out how we will navigate the maze of trails and exhibits, we finally see our first Giant Central American Anteater.

Click on the above link and it will also take you to the Polar Bear Web-Cam.

It was fun to see these turtles sunning themselves in this naturally designed turtle habitat.

The San Diego Zoo also displays many different species of plants and flowers from around the world.  These flowers got my attention with their bright red petals.

*Warning..Snakes Ahead*

These rattlesnakes are behind thick Plexiglas, what a safe way to observe their scales, size and tail rattles.  They were not moving, obviously sunning themselves and asleep..I think.

This snake photo was taken in the separate The Reptile House.  The San Diego Zoo houses over 250 snakes from 65 different species.  I think this was an albino rattlesnake.  We saw the anaconda, a boa constrictor, several different cobras, a python and many different other poisonous snakes from around the world.

California Condor
Live Web-Cam on this link.

It seems most of the animals here at the SD Zoo eat lunch or their mid-day snack about the same time we humans have our mid-day lunch, then they like to have a nap afterwards.  After we enjoyed our lunch, most of the animals on exhibit had enjoyed their snack and were sleeping.

 Koala Exhibit, click for a Web-Cam here too.
Sleeping Panda Bears, Click here for the Giant Panda Web-Cam.
I call this "The Sorta Sleeping Tiger."  Tiger Exhibit with Live Web-Cam

There are three bird aviaries.  The oldest one is the Owens Aviary, built in 1937 and remolded in 1999.

The flowers here were so colorful.

Here, we have the Leaf-Cutter Ants Display.

This large TV screen displayed a camera view of the leaf-cutter ants cutting corn kernels with their pincers. looked like some ants worked harder than others.

The Slender-Snouted Crocodile from western Africa

And here we have the Little Boy Exhibit from Eas-On Down The Road.

More Later..

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