Tuesday, November 8, 2016

San Diego: A Visit To The USS Midway

Our time here in San Diego is going by so fast, I've hardly taken the time to put up a blog post of pictures.  This is a small selection of photos from our 5 hours on the
USS Midway.
This is noted as the top tourist destination in San Diego.  It wasn't too crowded on this day so we were able to see all we wanted.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten some of the important facts heard during the tour but we have not forgotten how much we enjoyed this experience.

The Flight Deck

Across from the bay, you could see another aircraft carrier.

This is what Ronnie saw when he looked inside that jet engine.

This is the next level beneath the flight deck, the ship's hanger.

For an extra fee, you could experience a flight simulator.

Here Ronnie is practicing with the control sticks before we get into the flight simulator.  He turned us upside down to make a loop in the flight pattern..yes, we turned upside down in that thing!
We also took a separate tour of the primary flight control deck.

Here is the Commanding Officer's chair and the view one sees when sitting in that chair.

The Helmsman's Wheel

We saw this old poster of the USS Midway up on the flight command deck.  It noted the photo was taken in 1959.

 Deep in the belly of that ship, there were many hallways and stairs going in all different directions.

The ship's largest galley

Dining room for officers

The laundry room and steam press room

Sailor's bunks and personal storage

One of the best parts about this experience was talking with the docents and volunteers on board. Stationed at various places of interest on the ship, they all had served on the USS Midway at some point during it's storied career at sea.  They were able to bring to life what it was like to serve on the USS Midway.

Next, the San Diego Zoo.

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  1. Looks fun ... we'll be in SD for a day in January ... might be able to fit it into our schedule.