Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For The Holidays, Home Is North Carolina

We arrived back to North Carolina just in time for Thanksgiving.  We plan to be in Coats for the month of December to enjoy time with my Mom, family and our friends.  We'll take care of annual appointments, do some shopping and complete the yearly motorhome maintenance items.  Many of these topics are not blog-worthy, just everyday living experiences.  Therefore, I may not be posting much until January when we'll be in Florida, our winter destination.

Before we left Rockport, Ron enjoyed one more day of fishing on the Aransas Port Rock Jetty.

"Nope, not a rock-fish this time."

Ron caught a 36" Red Drum.  We did not have a net, we had to borrow one from the older couple you see here standing behind him.  They were as excited as we were to see this big fish come out of the water.  Ronnie had the required Texas Fishing License Tag for Drum over 28 inches needed to keep a Red Fish of this length.  Ronnie filleted the fish (this took a while because it was so big), we prepared a portion of the fillet for that evening's dinner and froze some for later too.

Wow! What a delicious meal it made..fresh fish that evening and we enjoyed more of it last night too.

More Later.


  1. what a great fish, free meal too. Our house is almost finished. The driveways were poured and things look great, will be about 3 more weeks. I decided to take the money out of my ira for the house, so this way it will be free and clear, we have enough bills to pay. We have been putting ads out to sell our coach. We have it on Rvtrader and craigslist and we only this morning put it with a marketing group to help sell it, it seems it is very difficult to sell these things and everyone is underwater in them. We are getting insurance and other things needed. So far we bought two couches, and I ordered a real nice dining set, it is only 4 chairs and a glass round table but looks like scandinavian design and it has low backs and seats in a butter color, very nice. Unfortunately It will take a month to get it, but we can live with that, the bedroom set I want will only take a week to get and we have to look for a mattress. Also we need two tv's, a media center to put the tv on and something to put the bedroom rv on, I don't want to hang them on the walls because the wires will show. Can't decide yet between cable and dish network. We are so used to dish, if they can give us internet and phone too, we will probably keep them. Glad you are having a nice holiday and hope your xmas holidays will be lovely as well. Hope we can get rid of some of this stress in our lives, that will be a great present for us. Regards to Ron and Little boy.

  2. Wow! Nice Red Fish................

  3. Very nice fish :) Congrats to the fisherman!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.