Sunday, October 25, 2015

Grand Canyon National Park

Finally the unsettled weather broke, we had no rain in the day's forecast and nothing but blue skies on tap.  Ron has his Senior National Parks Pass and we are ready to enjoy one of America's most scenic National Parks (and one of our favorites).  Our first visit to the Grand Canyon was in 1984 and our last one in 1998.  Again, we were surprised at all the expansion and changes for the Park in the last 13 years.  Most notably was the new shuttle bus transit system now used to transport visitors to some of the lesser known scenic viewpoints as well as to some of the most popular ones.  We saw an updated Visitor Center, improved walkways and a lot more tourists.  However, one important thing has not least as far as we could tell..the spectacular views!

We drove about 80 miles from Flagstaff, therefore it was about noon when we arrived.   Photos to describe the depth of the canyons, rock colors and formations are best created with early morning or evening shadows.

Gorgeous views are everywhere.  Eye candy for the artist!
"Please don't get too close to the edge Ronnie."

A view of the popular viewpoint, Mather Point.

I took way too many photographs.

One addition to the Visitor Center we really liked were the television screens that played taped video corresponding to the location of the Colorado River as it traveled through the canyon.  It gave you an idea of the landscape, the sheer scope of those canyon walls and the powerful force of the river water.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Arizona Room, strolled along the Rim Trail, enjoyed an ice cream cone, canyon watched..and people watched.

We rode one of the shuttle buses out to Powell Point.  Great, the late afternoon shadows are starting to create better visual depth for the canyons.

El-Tovar, a classic place we just had to visit one more time.  The interior of the lobby is stunning with it's black log walls.

Don't let this photo concern you, I'm not standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I'm close to the edge of a rock ledge that's not far off the ground.  Several folks were taking photos here..safely.

The Grand Canyon has to be one of our most favorite places visited..ever.

I barely made the sunset view at Mather Point before my camera battery died.

More later..

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