Saturday, June 13, 2015

Road Trips

The New Mexico landscape has always been a favorite of mine.  I never tire seeing the red rock cliffs, juniper and pinon pines as well as the colorful hills and mountains.  A couple of road trips we have enjoyed just so we could take in all the blue sky landscapes have been to Taos and Jemez Springs. 
Our drive on Hwy 4 towards Jemez Springs also included a diverted trip to Hwy 485.  That particular road follows an old narrow-gauge railroad bed through a box canyon.
A park volunteer at Valles Caldera told us about the Gilman Tunnels on Hwy 485.

The road travels uphill through a narrow box canyon.  Below, you can see the fast stream with waterfalls.

Glad to see those guard rails, there were steep drop-offs.
Ronnie enjoyed driving through the double tunnels.

This was a fun drive, we didn't expect it to be so scenic!

 We also enjoyed the drive to Taos by Hwy 86.  This scenic road travels through the Rio Grande Gorge.  This must be a good area to grow grapes as we discovered 3 wineries on this road. We pulled into the Black Mesa Winery.

We enjoyed an excellent wine tasting here.
We selected their Pinot Grigio to take home.
We noticed they also use rose bushes to indicate the health of the soil..just like the MountainRose Vineyard in southwest Virginia.

Picnic pull-off on Hwy 86, traveling through the Rio Grande Gorge.

Their are also a few rafting companies located in the gorge to take people down this rolling river.

As we came out of the gorge, we found ourselves in a flat valley with the Rio Grande River flowing through a deep crevice in the earth. 

One place I always want to see when in Taos is the San Francisco de Asis Mission Church.  Georgia O'Keeffe painted this church several times between 1929-1931.  One of the paintings, titled Ranchos Church, can be viewed in the Amon Carter Muesum of American Art in Forth Worth, Texas
We happen to be there while workers were adding the adobe clay and straw mixture to the facade.

Today's drive through the town square was short.  We plan to visit again to take in more of Taos' history and sights. 

We loved this sunset!

Little Boy's entertainment has been our hummingbird feeder.  He spends his days on the motorhome's dash, hidden by the sun screen.  He watches the bird's every move.

  More later of the Santa Fe, New Mexico area...

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  1. Such a lovely church. Seems like a unique design. We'll be getting our first taste of NM this summer.